Why is Mailpanion different from other Google Chrome extensions?

  • Strongest Email Tracker Blocking: there are quite a few Gmail extensions for blocking email trackers (tracking pixels). Unlike most of those extensions which only block specific listed email trackers, Mailpanion’s algorithm blocks virtually all incoming email trackers.
  • 2 in 1 Chrome Extension: Many Chrome extensions on the market offer either email tracking or tracker blocking capabilities. You have to download two different apps (Chrome extensions), which may work in conflict with each other. Mailpanion has those tracking and blocking functions built into one app, which makes it possible for the software to work seamlessly.
  • Secure your Gmail Account: Many existing Chrome extensions have access to Gmail Restricted Scopes, which means their Gmail APIs can have full access to your Gmail account. Some Chrome extension even makes duplicate copy of your Gmail inbox and sent box on their mobile app. Mailpanion would never do that! Mailpanion fully respects your privacy and security, as it does not have access to Gmail Sensitive Scope or Restricted Scope. Mailpanion only has only minimal access to your email address and profile name. Your emails can only been read by you.
  • Lightweight and Fast: Take a look at other Chrome extensions which are greater than 1MiB in size. Mailpanion is much smaller and does not take much of your memory space. Our small API size ensures your computer continues to run fast.